Not Uncommon

C lients are often surprised to learn that the unpleasant and bizarre situation they find themselves in is not uncommon. What is really varied is the experience of working with the individual client because each case is unique.

The process of fixing the problem starts with a chat then progresses to a visit – sometimes more than one – where the property and the people affected by it are treated. The atmosphere, the entity or entities and the resulting negative atmosphere go away.

Attachments can be many things. Feeling blocked or emotionally unresponsive are common manifestations of the presence of an attachment. Think of them like little barbs attached to a strong wire which are fired into your soul by trauma, circumstance and specific negative events. The soul carries these until they are consciously removed and it works in a similar way with places. There are a great number of other causes and circumstances but it’s a start conceptually!

Please get in touch about anything on your mind and Simon will respond. No matter where in the world you live or how severe you think the problem is he can help.

Clearing an Unclean Spirit

B oth the possessed and possessor are in a constant state of distress and need to be targeted by the beneficial effect. This is what allows for the release to be both full and final.

Secret divine names are used and called to stabilize surrounding conditions and affect the person and their environment at the same time.

Individual treatment is based on one’s beliefs and condition (a combination of a theological and psychological approach), so such treatments are never generic. While combining some common elements and signs that keep hostile entities away, much individual work is done to ensure the ritual is attuned to the very specific person that needs it.

Exorcism practices are used for calming aggressive spiritual beings in the surroundings as well as in people. Sometimes the disrupting is not direct and the spirits around the possessed individual are in turmoil. At other times it is not a person but an object or a place that is possessed.

Simon Ludgate – Professional Exorcist

T he origins of Simon’s unique ability go back through his soul connection to many past lives. He rediscovered a knack in his current life for “ghost busting” a decade ago when he began to investigate places.
His Reiki healing clients often identify what they correctly sense is an attachment by another entity or something put on them – a “curse” – or a hangover from a previous life. This attachment sometimes leads back to the place where the client lives and form the basis for a forensic investigation of the complex energies responsible.

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