The Accidental Exorcist Investigates: The Curious Case of The Brecon Beacons

I don’t make videos about client investigations due to their confidential nature but I do document my own investigations. I made this film in Wales at a disused mental asylum and a very strange story about a house known as the Welsh Amityville Horror. It followed a similar downward spiral against the family who once lived there and was made infamous by a book called “Testimony” by Mark Chadbourn. The story goes that three witches were murdered there by frightened locals during the 17th century when witch hunts were at their peak. The house, rumour had it, was built on a spot where three underground rivers acting as ley lines known as “blackwater” were supposed to be situated. As I witnessed for myself, that part of the story at least was true. I tracked down the house and Liz Rich, a member of the unfortunate family who were terrorised by the evil spirits there.

The Accidental Exorcist Investigates: The Cage Witches Prison

Although I don’t document the exorcism process with clients, the subject of my investigation in this film, the Cage Witches Prison and its owner Vanessa Mitchell, are long-standing acquaintances of mine and Vanessa very kindly allowed me to film a one to one healing session with her and the subsequent exorcism process in the Cage. I had wanted to tackle this property for years and now it was for sale, Vanessa was keen to rid the house of its unwanted occupants and a very strong sense of malevolence. The property is in Essex, England and one of the earliest settlements in the UK. People from the Bronze Age, Druids and then the Roman invaders form the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Century AD had broken bread on this spot and no doubt conducted sacrifices and Pagan ritual. The house derived its name the Cage because it was a jail between the 16th and 19th Century. Common criminals and women arrested for witchcraft were held here before being transported to Colchester, a Roman fort which later became a barracks for the English Army to this day, where they were tried and almost always found guilty and hanged.